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For a party that shines, gold, silver or iridescent ?

Why not all three ? You're not obliged to make a totally gold or toally silver decor look. You can mix them all, so that it shines. Dare to put rosettes on the walls, foil curtains, iridescent bunches of balloons which shine like a thousand stars, confetti which falls from the ceiling and mirror tableware in which you can see yourself shine. Get out the gold leggings, your feather boa and your princess tiara. You're the star of the land of sequins, never mind if it blinds your guests !

How do you invite your friends to a party where everything shines ?

Send an invitation that states the color ! Send it with some confetti in the envelope to give the guests the tone of the party when they open it. Customise your invitation with masking tape. Gold, iridescent or glitter, whatever you like. Give your guests a dress code. A compulsory bling bling accessory : gold wig, sparkly leggings, diamond ring, glittery glasses, everything is allowed.