Small foil balloon - Laughing Emoji

1 LOL emoji balloon. 23cm. Can be inflated with either normal air or helium. Read the detailed description
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Detailed Description

A foil balloon that looks like the laughing emoji. It laughs until it cries, just like your children during the birthday party.

Ideal for decorating the birthday party of a child or teenager. The will love to play with it and it will give a fun and smiley atmosphere to your event.

The balloon can be inflated with air only !

Size of balloon (inflated): 23cm in diameter

The balloon arrives flat (uninflated).

 IMPORTANT: In order to blow up foil balloons, please refer to the practical information below.

Our Tips


- Foil balloons can be blown up using a pump or a straw, and they have an automatic closing mechanism.

- To deflate a foil balloon, you have to reinsert the straw into the valve and press down on the balloon. Attention: the balloon will not look new once it is deflated - there will be signs of wear.

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