Kraft gift tags with twine

6 kraft gift tags. 2 reels of twine (white and linen). Size: 3 small tags (approx. 2.3 x 4.7cm), 3 large tags (approx. 3.2 x 6.5cm). Read the detailed description
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Description: Kraft gift tags with twine

Kraft paper gift tags with two reels of white and grey twine.

This kit is perfect for personalising all of your Christmas and birthday presents!

Also great for numbering the boxes of a DIY Advent Calendar or for placing guests at a dinner party or a wedding.

Contains 3 small tags (approx. 2.3 x 4.7cm.), 3 big tags (approx. 3.2 x 6.5cm.), approx. 4.5m of bleached linen twine and approx. 4.5m of natural linen twine. Pack contains 1 set. 

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