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  • Golden star pinata

Golden star pinata

1 gold star pinata. Size : 47 x 45 x 8 cm. Read the detailed description
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Description: Golden star pinata

A traditional pinata in the shape of a gold star, perfect to fill with sweets and little gifts for a fun superstar-themed birthday party! Simply hit the pinata to free the treats!

Size: approx. 47 x 45 x 8cm.

The pinata is sold on its own, without any sweets or presents. 

IMPORTANT: In order to use this pinata, please read the practical advice below.

Our Tips

IMPORTANT: This pinata is made out of cardboard and is therefore quite rigid, so can be difficult to break open! It is therefore recommended that you help young children in opening it. You can do this by creating a little notch, inserting pieces of string or ribbon into the notch, and then replacing the notch using sellotape. The children can then simply pull on the pieces of string to make the pre-cut notches give way, freeing their presents! 

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