Foil balloon - Kiss emoji Foil balloon - Kiss emoji
  • Foil balloon - Kiss emoji
  • Foil balloon - Kiss emoji

Foil balloon - Kiss emoji

1 foil balloon in the shape of the heart eyes emoji. Can be inflated with either air or helium. Arrives flat. Size once inflated : 45cm.

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Description: Foil balloon - Kiss emoji

A foil balloon in the shape of the kissing emoji.

This balloon is perfect for creating a fun and smiley atmosphere among both children, teenagers and adults at a party, or could be used to display your love on Valentine's Day !

This balloon can be inflated with either helium or normal air.

Size: approx 45cm.

The balloon arrives flat (uninflated).

IMPORTANT: In order to blow up foil balloons, please refer to the practical information below.

Our Tips


- Foil balloons can be inflated with a pump or a straw ; they have an automatic closing mechanism. They can be inflated with air or helium. If you choose to inflate with helium, make sure that the nozzle on the canister is small enough when you rent or buy it.

- To inflate the balloon with air, insert the straw into the opening valve, the little flap on the tongue of the balloon. Make sure it is inserted deep enough to make inflating the balloon easier. A straw is not provided with the balloon.

- If you inflate with helium, foil balloons will float horizontally against the ceiling. If you wish to keep them verticle, attach them with tape to the wall, or keep them down with a balloon weight.

- To let down foil balloons, reinsert the straw to the valve and press down on the balloon. Attention : the balloon will look visibly used after deflating.

- If the opening of the balloon (the tongue) is stuck, insert a very fine pencil or a little straw so that the valve opens bit by bit.

- The life span of a balloon inflated with helium is several hours.

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