Foil balloon - Dinosaur

1 dinosaur-shaped foil balloon. 75 x 48cm. Can be inflated with either normal air or helium. Read the detailed description
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Description: Foil balloon - Dinosaur

A foil balloon in the shape of a green T-Rex, perfect for a Jurassic Park themed birthday party!

This balloon is great to use as a decorative item, and can be inflated with either helium or normal air. 

Also great for a summertime picnic, a wedding, a christening or any other family occasion!

Size: 75 x 48cm.

The balloon arrives flat (uninflated).

IMPORTANT: In order to blow up foil balloons, please refer to the practical information below.

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Our Tips


- Foil balloons can be blown up using a pump or a straw, and they have an automatic closing mechanism. If you are blowing them up using helium, make sure to check the size of the nozzle on the helium canister when you are renting it, as it will need to be very small.

- If blown up using helium, the balloons with float to the ceiling horizontally. If you wish to keep them vertical, you will have to secure them using sellotape or masking tape. You can also weigh them down using balloon weights.

- To deflate a foil balloon, you have to reinsert the straw into the valve and press down on the balloon. Attention: the balloon will not look new once it is deflated - there will be signs of wear.

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