Champagne Love Balloon

1 champagne-colored "Love" balloon. 104 x 68cm. Arrives flat. Can only be inflated with air. Read the detailed description
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Description: Champagne Love Balloon

Where is the love? Obviously it's here! Our champagne 'love' foil balloon is perfect for a Valentine's Day dinner or a special moment with your loved one! (Let's hope he or she will get down on one knee).

Also great for decorating a wedding or even a hen party!

Size: 104 x 67.6 cm

Do not over-inflate the balloon as there is a risk it will burst!

The balloon arrives flat (uninflated).

PLEASE NOTE: These balloons can only be inflated with normal air (they are too heavy to float with helium).

IMPORTANT: In order to blow up foil balloons, please refer to the practical information below.

Our Tips


- Foil balloons can be blown up using a pump or a straw, and they have an automatic closing mechanism. They can be inflated with normal air only.

- You need to put the straw inside the opening in order to inflate properly the balloon. Just be aware the straw isn't provided with the balloon. 

The inflated balloon will last only a few hours.

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