In the beginning, there were two Mums, like every other Mum. Two Mums who constantly run, run, run everywhere with the repetitive sound of “I’m late, I’m late” in their heads. And now, it’s the big day, your little one’s birthday. Eight of their little friends, the little angels, are going to spend the afternoon at your house. The time draws nearer and it’s not going to be easy to run and buy a ‘spider’ or ‘kitty’ kit. There’s no way you can spend loads or go to 10 different boutiques. It’s out of the question, because you have no time, no energy, no ideas and no money. You’re tired of running around, and that’s why Gabriella Toscan du Plantier and Dorothée Monestier decided to create My Little Day in 2010 to make this special day one of the best days of the year. One of the most relaxed too !
My Little Day is the secret weapon for busy parents. My Little Day is a real tool box filled with ideas to make your party unforgettable. My Little Day offers impeccable taste with a well thought out and intelligently organised selection. My Little Day is the friend you can count on: generous, cool, inspiring, and always the perfect companion for your party.