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How do you create lace decor for your wedding ?

Apart from using a big lace doily for your table centerpiece, you can also use lace in your wedding decoration. Lace ribbon could be used on your wedding announcement or the order of cermony booklets. It could also be attached to bouquets of flowers and clusters of helium balloons. Lace doilies could be placed on the tables, but also fixed to the wall like rosettes.

What can you mix lace with for romantic bohemian decor ?

Lace goes very well with natural materials : wood, jute, linen, feathers. You could mix a dream catcher in to the decor, logs of wood, glass vases with string and a jute table runner. That will give a rustic vibe to the decor, while the lace brings softness and romance. With some fresh flowers and sparkly feathers, you're done.