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What are the essentials for a dinner in white ?

That question is a pie to the face. A white dinner is all white ! The cloth, tableware, candles, candle holders, flowers, vases... Apart from the red or rosé wine ! And of course, you and the guests are in white. By trying hard enough, you could cook food all in white too ! Pavlova, chicken stew... There are never too many white dinners ! And if you opt for a white party a bit like Eddy Barclay (okay w would rather go for a Margiela dinner), it's like for the dinner, add balloons (small, medium, large, normal or foil), garlands, foil curtains and honeycomb balls !

Is a white dinner or party just for summer ?

In summer, white is like a color of transition, it creates a sense of the Mediterranean, it suggests blue as well, but in winter, white is for snow, the mountains, fur. In winter, the dinner table welcomes fake snow, a furry table runner, a faux fur rug or chair covers. In brief, white works all the time !