How to organise the wedding tables ?

A seating plan is an absolute must. Often a complete nuissance, because Aunty Jean is kicking up a fuss about sitting with so and so… Organise your seating plan as you wish ! One area for family, one area for uni friends, one for work friends… Or mix it all up ! You could also add some fun by naming each table something relevant to the theme. If it's a tropical wedding, you could for example call them "Bahamas", "St Lucia", "The Maldives"... There are plenty of other cool little touches to add some personality to your table plan that could at first seem complicated.


How to use the place markers ?

Place markers are very practical for organising and seating all your guests at your wedding breakfast. Positioned on the table, facing the chair with beautiful calligraphy writing, they will make their impression. We have models for all types of wedding. paper cards, pineapple supports, wooden logs… You could also place them on the back of the chairs with some glue or string. For the table plan, put it at the entry to the dining room. If you have a flair for DIY, you could make it a magnificent personalised feature to feel proud of. For an A to Z of organising your wedding, you'll find lots of help and advice in articles on our blog.