What are the essential decorations for a wedding ?

We say essentials, but in reality, there aren't really essentials apart from the ones YOU choose ! But there are definitely wedding decor accessories that really make it 'a wedding', carefully chosen products which will make your guests say "wow, I really am at a wedding". It can be a bit of a beast to organise, but thanks to the little details that the magic unfolds, the happy tears fall and the dancefloor is on fire ! A quick short list of the most popular decorations : flowers, of course, decorations for the wedding car, signs or arrows to guide your guests, garlands, lanterns and other hanging decorations, and a photobooth space for some memorable photos !

Can you make all the wedding decorations yourself ?

Of course ! Obviously it's a job and making the decorations yourself requires some good organisation. But if you have a knack for DIY and you want to master it all, go for it ! It's the occasion to do activities as a couple or a family, and to not waste anything as there can be big costs to your wedding budget otherwise ! But fi you want to do a homemade wedding decor, we just have one piece of advice : don't take on too much ! Stay focused on one simple and refined decoration at a time, which will carry your wedding theme with a lovely little touch.