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How to decorate your wedding tables ?

The wedding tables are a big deal. We don't skimp on the decorations, so let us not be stingy with the tables ! A tablecloth, the base of the table decor, even if just in tissue paper, it will still have a big effect on the look. It immediately dresses a table and hides a number of sins. A tissue paper tablecloth isn't such a bad idea. It'll look rustic, chic and awesome. At My Little Day we have many tablecloth styles, from paper to linen, even glittery so you are sure to find the one for you.


Can you combine tablecloth and runner ?

Of course ! The decoration will look even more beautiful. For a wedding table or a candy bar, tablecloths and runners are the decorative pieces not to forget ! A white tablecloth combined with a gold runner for a regal effect is perfect. Let your imagination run wild and create the cutest pairings for your perfect wedding.