How do you choose your party vibe ?

Choosing your party vibe isn't always easy, we agree with that. It's your choice but of course you have to be careful not to disappoint your guests, to not do the same theme as your friend Leah's 30th birthday party and to not choose a vibe too complictaed for those that don't want to dress up (yep, there's always some)... It can be a real headache ! But don't panic, follow our little list of party vibes for a successful evening ! If your friends go a little crazy when it comes to fancy dress (like we hope) and they love finding crazy costumes, choose a rather original theme like Vegas or Jungle. But if you'd rather go for a classic vibe to not have the hassle dressing up, go for disco, a sure hit ! For a successful party, whatever the vibe may be: super friends, beautiful decor, a playlist to let yourself go on the dancefloor, a good buffet...

One party, several vibes: is it possible ?

It's possible but for everything, you have to admit, it's still rather risky ! To keep a good general vibe going, only mix 2 vibes (no more) which match together well (yep, like Tinder). We'll give you a little example: disco and Vegas could really work well ! A common point ? Sequins and bling bling. We imagine Ottawan's D. I. S. C. O playing while you place your bets in Black Jack as if you were in Vegas. However, jungle and circus vibes… maybe not ! As Shontelle sings, it's impossible, impossible ! Your guests will be completely lost and that, that can't be possible. So it's risky but doable, it's up to you !