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How do you organise a 'bling bling' Vegas party ?

Go for gold ! Gold confetti absolutely everywhere, a ceiling of white, gold and confetti balloons, fake gold bars everywhere, playing cards, outrageously big plates etc. Vegas is the city of excessiveness, it needs to shine, stun your guests, it needs to be a night that no one ever forgets... Or not ! After all, who hasn't dreamed of a The Hangover party ? That's fine, we have all the decor and accessories. Except Bradley Cooper, sorry.

What type of buffet for a Vegas party ?

In Vegas, there's an abundance of fries and hot dogs. So go for very American decor and have loads of pizza slices, hot dogs in holders, boxes of fries, popcorn, cupcakes, hamburgers, donuts, fat and sugar. To excess. With loads of bright coulored ice cream !