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Activities to do with children for Valentine's Day ?

Of course, Valentine's Day celebrates love, and it's a rather big celebration for adults. But children also love this celebration, and want to take part. So feel free to include them in your preparation for pretty surprises for your other half. For example, your children could help you decorate the table for dinner, with plenty of heart shaped decor : straws, confetti, toothpicks for snacks.... They can also help you to create pretty home-made gifts, like a card or a red heart balloon to send ! Go on our blog for plenty of ideas.

A Valentine's Day party for children ?

Your child's birthday party falls on Valentine's Day, and they want it to be the theme of the celebration ? Why not ! It can be an occasion for plenty of funny activities ! For the decor, of course, go for hearts. And as it's a party and not a romantic dinner, you want hearts in all colours ! You can also do a Valentine's Day quiz, and adapt simple games. For example, the Conductor becomes Cupid !