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How do you organise an American style birthday party ?

America, your child wants it and they'll have it ! To create an American diner vibe in your living room, there's nothing easier ! The color code ? Blue, white, red, and add stars and stripes ! For example, these napkins with red stripes or these red and blue star straws. Play with sweets in the shape of mini burgers and cola bottles. And why not a fake pizza with sweets as a cake ? Our favorite decoation ? The donut foil balloon, success guaranteed !

Which activities for a USA birthday party ?

It's super easy to organise a USA birthday party, by going for the classics. For example, a choreography competition could become a breakdance competition, or country ! A treasure hunt could be set in the streets of New York in search of buildings or hot dog stands ! A game of mime ? Mime their favorite American stars ! With USA decor, go for the vibe you want to create and what the children would like, they want to have the coolest birthday party of all !