What are the decor essentials for a TV programme themed birthday party ?

Whatever the theme of the birthday party may be, all party decor needs balloons in all styles, garlands on all the walls, showers of confetti, party tableware and... a pinata for a super fun atmosphere ! Decorate your birthday party table to suit their favourite TV programme : a tropical table for a Survivor theme, a greedy table for a Bake Off birthday party or a Rockstar style table for a The Voice theme ! Don't forget to put on the table : plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, straws, treats, table decorations but of course, a superb cake covered in candles and toppers ! To liven up your party and give a touch of fun to the decor, choose a pinata in the shape of a silver star, a cupcake or palm tree. Sweet treats and little cakes, a festive vibe guaranteed ! And find all our best advice on our blog on how to organise a children's birthday party !

Is it a theme for all ages ?

There are TV programmes for all ages, so there are for birthday party themes for all ages, it's the same ! Choose your theme depending on your child's wishes. The Survivor theme for example, can suit a large range of ages, you can adapt the decor and activities to the age of the child and their little guests !