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What food to serve for a tropical evening?

There are two options, what kind of meal do you want ? A three course dinner, or cocktails and canapés ? Either way, you have to start with an aperitif. The cod fritters are an excellent idea, probably the most famous Caribbean dish, accompanied by shrimp skewers and a good mix of vegetables will delight your guests. We prefer foods that remind you of the sun and the sea, fish and other crustaceans, spices, exotic fruits, etc. Also go for the sweety salty dishes to remind us of the islands.

What music for a tropical party?

When we think tropical, we think holidays and when we think holidays we think of summer hits. The famous music that makes us dance all night on the beach with friends. Think of all the festive music that has marked your summers. Songs that are sometimes a little kitsch but that really make a great vacation ! And most of the best memories are in the summer which makes it all unforgettable.