How do you prepare a themed party ?

When you spoke to your group of mates about this idea, you got mixed reactions. Fancy dress evenings are nice, but is it not a bit immature ? And of course, no one agrees on the theme. And then who would do the organising ? Don't worry, you're not alone. Because My Little Day is here ! (Yes, you know). Once the theme has been decided, make a little list of everything you need. Don't forget the essentials: table decor, plates, paper cups, cutlery, balloons... The best thing is to prepare a budget enough in advance in order to remember everything. For the costumes, there's so much choice ! A full costume or simple accessories, it's up to you to decide ! If you think it seems like too much, don't worry because the organising is all to you.

I'm organsing a themed party, what do I do for the decor ?

For successful decor, there's no point running to shops left and right, you will find everything on the My Little Day site ! Go for simple but elegant details, which echo the theme and mood clearly. Tablecloths, mats, paper cups... adapt of course the colours in line with the chosen vibe. It's the little things that make all the difference: prepare a photobooth where the guests will be able to take photos with accessories which link to the theme and create some pretty souvenirs !