How do you organise a travel themed birthday party ?

So many possible destinations for different kinds of parties ! Choose the theme as a family and begin with creating the invitations : home-made, super stylish but they do take time, or ready made, quick but less original ! For your decor, shop for the party essentials : balloons, garlands, cups, plates, or even pinatas in colours and patterns that relate to the country. Red and dragons for China, vibrant colours and cacti for Mexico, or even tropical flowers and exotic animals for the Tropics. The country gives the tone of the decor straight away ! And for the activites, it's the same, organise DIY creative activities, classic but revisited games and even quizzes on the culture of the country ! Go on our blog to find all our activities and DIY ideas for a children's birthday party themed around travel !

Are all the destinations able to be adapted to all ages ?

A birthday party theme in general depends on what the child likes. It's difficult to go with a theme without having a big debate with them first... Pirate ! No, Spidermaaaan ! (here come the tears) You get it ! So for the country, it's the same, it depends on what they want and how much they know about the country in particular ! China, because they're a fan of dragons, the Tropics with Moana and pink flamingoes, or Mexico with big sombreros and nachos ! In fact, the theme is doable for all ages, adapt the decor and activities to the preferences and ages of the little guests !