An evening with friends, what theme is best to choose ?

We could say anything, but it's what you want, themed parties are a bit like Britney Spears. Deep down, we're all fans but we just don't always admit it. Costumes, time periods... It's making you imagine it. That's good, us too. And we've formed some little gems of selections ! Cavemen, pharaohs, medieval, sixties... If no one can decide in your group of mates (which is almost certain), pull it out of a hat or do a toss. Or the majority takes it ? Sort things out however you like. Then, we come in. The theme comes in to play when it's executed well, as well as the decor and eventually the costumes. So the key words: let yourself go and enjoy yourself !

How do you prepare for a time period-themed party ?

A themed party needs a little bit more preparation than a classic party. You have to think carefully about where to put the decor, and eventually the specifics of the buffet. If you're organising with others, feel free to designate tasks depending on their expertise. For example, if one of your friends is the uncontested king of DIY, call on his talents ! Apart from the basic decor (plates, napkins, balloons...), it's always good to prepare one or two games to bring the vibe ! Linking to your theme of course ! Mimes, role play or cards, you're spoilt for choice ! Take a look at our selection of entertainment, you'll definitely find what you're looking for !