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Why is terrazzo used for dinners ?

Because terrazzo is so popular ! This speckled material is usually used for flooring mostly in Italy but nowadays its reproduced as a pattern for lots of things. This minimalist pattern consists of opposite colors : white and black, pink and gold, multicolor and white, earthy colors and beige... Terrazzo is perfect for a dinner table. The pattern brightens up the prepared food and allows contrasts. A terrazzo platter will be perfect to present a cheese and meat platter in a modern way.

What pattern can you mix terrazzo with ?

The ideal is to mix terrazzo and create a homogenous table or base it on colors and then contrast the patterns to create a Memphis vibe. For example, if you choose black and white terrazzo plates, it will be easy to mix them with table mats with black and white stripes or with OMY mats with geometric patterns and heavy, contrasted colors. Everything works !