What are the essential pieces for planning a party ?

Whatever type of party, there are certain must-haves that can't be overlooked. Balloons, garlands, confetti and candles are the elite of party decor. At parties, crazy over the top accessories are completely welcome ! For Halloween, think spiderwebs, pumpkins and skeletons for a spooky surprise. Costumes too ! A witch, vampire or zombie, the creatures of the night are the perfect outfits. For New Year, you need things to shine, a party to make you feel optimistic for the year to come. Use golden foil curtains against your wall, balloons floating at the ceiling and glittery outfits. May the party fairy be on your side !

What occasions to throw a party for ?

Kids need no encouraging to have a party with all their friends. We love entertaining people, welcoming them in, full of excitement thanks to the brilliant atmosphere. For a birthday, invite friends for fun and games. The decoration and activities will vary according to their age. You'll find our selection of products sorted by age for decoration and games that'll be suitable for their personalities at each age. My Little Day will sort you out for every birthday, from babies to adults, not forgetting those teens ! Sorted by age, event and occasion, the years will flow by with party after party. Starting with New Year, where the decor can be very bling and extravagant, then Easter, Carnival, summer parties, Halloween with the pumpkins and Christmas with the pine trees. There's endless occasions to celebrate ! On our blog, we regularly share plenty of ideas.