Can you use a pattern as a theme for a party or a dinner?

Yes of course ! However, there are two ways : teh total look (stripey/Buren or spottyYayoi Kusama vibes) or mix and match (Memphis vibes). If you opt for a unique pattern, for example stripes, dare to mix colors and sizes of stripes. And have them everywhere : on the tablecloth, chairs, plates, paper cups, straws... Accessorise the cutlery, chairs or the cloth with masking tape or big colorful tape to finish off the table ! Feel free to go over on to the floor, the walls or the ceiling ! If you go for a mix of patterns, juxtapose spotty plates with stripey plates and floral plates !

How do you mix patterns well ?

There's no bad way to mix patterns. As well as decorating the table with either spots, stripes or flowers, you can decorate it with all the patterns juxtaposed. It's up to you ! Pattern themed dinners are a bit like those with a color theme, it works whatever the occasion or reason may be.