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What can you do to celebrate a 16th ?

At 16 years old, you're a teen, you don't want a childish fancy dress party or a crazy party like adults. You pay attention to your image, and what your mates will think at school, so you need to pull off something stylish ! 16 is also the age where you start to have parties with friends, have film / pop corn nights, listen to music, dance shyly because you can't take the embarassment anymore, take plenty of photos (the Instagram/Snapchat generation) and discover beer pong ! So for your 16th, do something we all like: a party with mates, a fancy dress party with a film/series theme, a paintball party, a pool party... In the US, 16th birthday parties are crazy ! It's up to you, whether your teen wants a mega party or a more discreet thing, "posey" as they say !

What are the decor essentials for a 16th party ?

16 years old is college, the generation of Snapchatters so you absolutely need stylish decor ! And that means a multitude of balloons : numbers 1 and 6 in foil balloons, the first letter of their name in a huge foil balloon, photobooth accessories to take some crazy photos, trendy inflatabales for a pool party... Discover our essentials and organise a super instagrammable crazy party !