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Decor ideas to do with masking tape ?

Masking tape, its the ally of our wrapped presents, cards, garlands, glass pots and even our photos ! It's a roll of adhesive ribbon, made of rice paper (thats it), super easy to stick, unstick and reposition. Ideal when you're not sure what you want for your decor ! It's the colourful or printed touch which brings all the originality to your interior or decorative objects. At Christmas, it's our essential to finish off all our presents quickly with style ! Discover our selection of rolls of masking tape to create whatever you want ! There's even a glow-in-the-dark one !

Can you decorate a wall with masking tape ?

Yes and it's trendy as we've seen on Instagram ! Do you dream of a wall decorated with masking tape too ? Or a super cool photo wall ? Reproduce it yourself super easily thanks to masking tape. Inspired by what you've seen in photos, get yourself some masking tape, whatever kind you want (coloured or printed) and you're done ! A headboard, photo frames, graphic patterns, a postcard, around a mirror... Everything is possible ! Child's play (or almost) !