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How do you organise a sporty party on a Sunday ?

We just love sport ! ( no we're joking of course). Tennis, skiing, bowling, swimming, except we're not that sporty on a Sunday, running 300 m and being exhausted like we've just run a marathon, instead think about our own goals and get the bowling ball rolling... So for my sporty party on a Sunday, I put everything in to my decor and my costume ! Transform your interior in to a football stadium, basketball pitch, tennis pitch... Shop through our party essentials amongst our sport event essentials : from balloons to candles, you'll find everything you need !

What are the best sporty themes ?

For a 100% sport party, you need a super nice vibe ! A party where Dele Alli rubs shoulders with Nadal and laughs with Jessica Ennis ! Stylish right ? After you that, you can focus on a sport, a sporty film or something specific like a Rocky vibe, best party EVER ! Imagine your mate dressed as Sylvester Stallone, dressed in an 80s combo, boxing gloves in hand ! A party that promises a lot of laughs ! And for a really original costume, dress as a football or a bowling pin, to do yourself of course !