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What are the decor essentials for an astronaut birthday party ?

Your little adventurer dreams of a beautiful astronaut birthday party this year, but not quite like the gorgeous George Clooney in Gravity ! At My Little Day, we give you a little help with our selection of room decor ! Find all our decorative must-haves for a birthday party like the classic balloons, garlands, cups, candles and others with a cosmic style ! Such as : rocket and moon foil balloons, robot plates, rocket cups, spaceship and silver star pinatas, star straws and astroboy candles ! To be sure you don't forget, go for out Astroboy kit with all our decor essentials ! Find our best DIY decor ideas and advice on our blog to organise a real Astroboy birthday party !

How do you dress up as an astronaut ?

Every astronaut needs... a suit ! For a home made costume, you can customise an old white suit out of your cupboard yourself (not too transparent) or a white t-shirt and trouser combo. Stick on bits of black tape, a Nasa patch, perhaps as a printable on the Internet or create it yourself, and star and planet stickers. For DIY pros, you can also make a paper maché and foil astronaut helmet ! And to finish it off, the essential accessory for an astronaut : the jetpack, easy to create using the help of 2 bottles, card, colorful paper and string ! 4, 3, 2, 1 we have lift off ! And if not, simply go for our astronaut costume with the helmet and boots !