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Which decorations should you choose for a Snow White themed birthday party ? 

For rustic decor themed around the world of Snow White, choose red, white and blue balloons and garlands. Dress the birthday party table with little forest animal figurines, little dwarf and deer snowglobes, and then a little white mirror to ask it who the fairest of them all is (yes we know it'll be you) ! And to finish off the decor, the My Little Day team loves the deer foil balloon !

Find rustic decor essentials in out Snow White kit for your birthday party too !

What are the essentials for a Snow White outfit ?

Snow White is a princess that's a little different than the others : no glitter or pink, she's a friend of animals and nature. Go for a mix of colours without pretention : blue, yellow and a pretty red cape ! To finish off the princess look, choose a beautiful princess tiara, chic red slippers, and the accessory you can't forget : the red apple, of course ! "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all ?"