How can I give out little gifts to the guests ?

Little gifts, another essential for birthday parties ! And as for all the party necessities, there's a lot of choice at My Little Day ! Children are always excited at the idea of receiving presents even if they're small, it all counts ! To give them out, there are several ways. Our favourite, put them into a super pinata, then the children hit it one by one and wait for it... SURPRISE, little gifts fall from the sky ! A fun activity which will make them laugh (and us too) ! You could also put them on the table hidden by the decor, and at the end of the party you give them out, guaranteed smiles ! The children will leave the party de-lighted ! Found our original selection of bags and party bags to fill !

Different presents for boy and girls ?

The choice of little gifts is basically up to you. No pressure, the children will be delighted just to have them ! But if it's original, it's even better ! With our selection of little gifts, discover ones for girls, boys or mixed so that the boys don't end up with hairclips (even if some love them) ! Rubbers, figurines, temporary tattoos or even badges, they will all make them smile ! What could finish the party on a better note ?<