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How do you make foil balloons float ?

Foil balloons always have a great effect, with their unusual chubby appearance and their metallic effect. To inflate them, there are two techniques : with air and with helium. With air, one thing for certain is that it's less expensive. The only essential accessory: a straw ! Some smaller models of foil balloons can't be inflated with helium, as they're too small and don't float (like small balloons in the shape of a letter or number, or a little rocket balloon). To inflate them with the straw, thread it in to the valve and blow ! Of course, your balloons won't float but there are thousands of ways to display them them: stuck to the wall, hooked on a garland, hung from the ceiling... To make balloons float, you need helium gas. Not economical, but you'll love creating a great bunch of balloons like a seller at a fairground ! The children will fall in love at first sight, and the adults too !

A decor idea with foil balloons ?

The big plus with foil balloons is that they come in all shapes and all colours ! So, you can use them for all occasions. Heart balloons in all colours for wedding themes, wild animals and foliage for a beasty party, cute animals like a panda for a baby shower... In little mixed bunches with other balloons, or an enormous group, with foil balloons, the decor is always great !