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How do you dress up for a 70s party ?

It's Saturday night and your friend Julie's birthday. A fancy dress birthday party, of course, with a seventies theme. But you have absolutely NO idea about your costume ! Luckily, we're here for that, costumes are our specialty, 5* rated. So start with the basics, the vibe : seventies, half funky, half hippie. You can always choose a mix of the 2 at the risk of being too over the top (but at least you're going for it) or go for either a funky-sparkly-disco look or a psychedelic-Woodstock-hipster look. Can you imagine it ? You need leggings, jumpsuits or sparkly dresses with shiny disco wigs and accessories, or the more chilled version : colorful psychedelic prints, flared jumpsuits, a headband, an afro wig and hippie accessories. Be inspired by 70s icons like the Jackson 5, Twiggy, Elton John, David Bowie, John Travolta and Abba (perfect for a group costume)... It's up to you to choose your 70s vibe !

What kind of decor should I have for my seventies party ?

The decor is like the costumes : choose the vibe you want to go for. If you're going for an Abba/disco vibe, you need disco balls, silver balloons, disco tableware, foil curtains, iridescent fan decorations, metallic glitter backgrounds... Let's dance ! And if you want more of a Woodstock vibe, go for vibrant colors, psychedelic prints, flowers, lace, hippie retro, a VW camper van if you have one, flower crowns... Balloons, lanterns, garlands, accessories, we have everything you need for a seventies party in Boogie Wonderland !