What are the party essentials ? Where do you start ?

There are some essentials for a party that you need to secure. Firstly, balloons, obviously because a party without balloons is a bit like a cinema without popcorn, not very interesting ! So go for patterned, plain, foil, confetti ones, the most important is that you have balloons, and lots of them ! Then consider the tableware which will dress your table in no time, confetti that will add a touch of craziness, and of course, the pinata, the star of the show ! Essential !

How do you organise a birthday party with a difference ?

Nothing simpler ! Organising a birthday party is an event, something you wait for all year long, but a party can be improvised and let things go a little crazy ! It's enough to choose a theme you want the evening to be based on and that's it ! There's a party for all occasions : Easter and its little rabbits, summer with its big Summertime fiesta, the New Year of course, or even Halloween, the most terrifying and bloody party of the year !