How do I organise a party with a seasonal theme ?

It all depends on the season ! But the advantage of that is that you can organise a party for an occasion other than a birthday, like New Year or moving house. And yes, why not get everyone round for an enormous party in red and pink for Chinese New Year ? The decorations are crazy (we have lanterns and dragons), the buffet menu is all sorted, simple ! If not, another idea : your other half is a football fan, and for you, it's not really your strong point (we're not judging) ? Rather than complain during the evening matches, organise a mega party to support your local or national team. If they win, an amazing atmosphere is guaranteed, and if they loose, there will be alcohol and hugs to console each other !

Has organising a New Year's party become old-fashioned ?

New Year is THE season to party. The party which shines, under disco balls, under the lights... But New Year is also the night where there is a lot of pressure to have fun, where you often find yourself in 3 different places - your mates are in a different part of town - to finally find yourself on the metro at midnight and kissing a drunk stranger. To have fun, there's nothing worse than feeling obliged to have fun. So these last few years, you prefer to celebrate new year with your best friend Netflix, and organise an anti-New Year party. Celebrations on the 30th December or 1st January are trendier now !