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Are there essentials for a science-fiction party ?

To throw a party in the galaxy, we've found a whole selection of Sci-Fi decorations for you. From rockets, glow-in-the-dark decor and makeup and even our spacewoman or spaceman costumes, you'll be spoilt for choice ! So that your decor really creates the vibe, don't hesitate to go all out, nearly too much. A space party is the kind of theme where it's best to go for too much rather than not enough !

Some ideas for science-fiction themes ?

Of course, the classic is Star Wars ! We show you how to create the little world in the terrariums for original decor. Always amongst the big classics, there's Star Trek. To dress up, a skin-tight coloured suit and you're sorted. You can even go more British with a Doctor Who night, surrounded by Daleks and Cybermen, or even go really freaky with slimy alien decor (there's nothing better than fluorescent gels and glow-in-the-dark slime putty to create the atmosphere).