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How do you organise a '50s rock party?

That all depends on what you call rock ! If you're a fan of a AC/DC, Aerosmith and Guns N Roses, the decor won't be the same if you prefer Elvis and Eddie ! For a great '50s rockabilly vibe, get out decorations in the shape of vinyls, American diner style decorations : hot dog holders and boxes of fries, red and white, and our favorite, the proper banana split.

And for the costumes?

Elvis or leather jackets for the men and Cheerleaders for the ladies, you'll believe you're really there ! What kind of accessories for a hard rock party ? If you're a fan of hard rock and electric guitars, in that case, you need decor with a black and silver base. It's super simple and will have a guaranteed effect. For the walls, the foil curtain option is always an easy idea to create. Then you need to add true rocker details : little skulls here, bandana patterns there... and to dress up ? Get our your leather and your switchblade (to groom yourself) if you're a fighter : or the Ziggy Stardust costume if you're a dreamer !