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What wedding decorations to make from ribbon ?

Take a look at our blog for articles and advice to organise your wedding ! With ribbons, there is so many things you could create. If your husband won't agree to confetti being launched, you could make little wands. Take a stick and coloured ribbon in tones that go with your theme and stick strips of the ribbon to the top of the stick with a glue stick. When the ceremony finishes, your guests can make a wave of colour by shaking the ribbons to welcome you. You could also customise your bouquet with strips that match the petals. If you're a bit let down by your flowers, add ribbons to add an extra touch and lift them a bit. The ribbons can be used in so many ways, find the rest of our ideas on our blog !

DIY decor for your wedding ?

According to the number of guests and the size of your venue, we don't advise you to take it all on yourself. An origami sky for example, yes it is super pretty but equally as tedious. Fold all the paper and then attach to the ceiling. We're not saying it's impossible but make sure you give yourself enough time to organise it all. With well ruled planning, all the DIY creations are possible ! To start, here's some simple ideas. A dream catcher, super easy and adaptable to many themes, you could make it how you like. Attach flowers and leaves for a botanical wedding, or use string for a berber wedding. Dream catcher are just so stylish and sweet. On a polystyrene ball you could stick flowers all over it to create an elegant table centrepiece. We just love DIY !