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How do you successfully wrap presents ?

First, you need a lot of patience (we're preparing you), a delicate hand and time. No in truth, it can be quick if you follow certain principals. The wrapping paper needs to be beautiful and easy to work with to wrap easily. Then, get scissors, a ruler if you need one (for those who don't know how to cut straight), sticky tape, stickers and gift tags. Cut out the paper by judging the size and shape of the present, place the present in the middle and fold the sides in a pretty way by making little inward folds to try and hide the cuts (can you visualise it ?). Then, fix all that with the help of some tape like some super trendy masking tape. To finish, add some gift ribbon and a gift tag, adding a little message. If all that sounds too complciated, you have the option of a party bag instead ! Original wrapping ideas for Christmas presents ? Christmas presents come in all ways from A to Z. You have to think of an idea, buy the gift and then wrap it unless the shop is very generous.

But still, it's nicer to wrap your incredible present yourself, right ?

We feel you're not that convinced... What will make all the difference is your wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags and little accessories for personalisation ! You can add pompoms, a pinecone, a reindeer figurine or create a felt reindeer, a glittery ribbon or Christmas coloured ribbon, starry stickers... There are loads of possibilites ! Go on our blog for more DIY ideas to wrap your Christmas presents !