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Can you use paper plates for a dinner party ?

Of course, you don't normally get out paper plates for a sit-down dinner. But that's because you've never had disposable plates as pretty as these ! Today there are very elegant and graphic patterns and shapes, perfect for your dinner. As well as allowing you to vary your decor every time you have a dinner, there's no need to wash up and that's an added bonus !

For my disposable tableware, is it better to mix patterns, or to coordinate ?

Everyone has their own vision. At My Little Day, we tend to mix everything. The false mismatching, the organised bizarre, it's definitely our thing. And once you have the knack for it, make a pretty mix, it's not so complicated. For example, we concentrate on 3 different collections: a plain colour, a themed pattern and a very geometric pattern for all your tableware, it avoids mistakes !