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How to organize a pink princess birthday?

When we think about little girl's birthday, we think pink and princess. So we combine the two for a beautiful birthday party (if it makes your child happy, of course, each his own). To organize a birthday, we need guests, we take invitation cards and we send them or give small invitations by hand. Then come, the decoration phase, we choose balloons, garlands and full of pink decorations. We prefer to make mixtures of pink to create relief to your decor. We do not hesitate to play also on materials and patterns for more relief. We love the metallic and pearlescent effects to make it shine! To taste it, we put cupcakes on a beautiful display or under a bell. On the birthday cake we dare pink glitter candles and toppers shaped golden crowns.

What activities for a princess birthday?

As a princess, she will not want to dirty their dresses so exit the mud, we prefer the creative workshops. DIY is perfect, guests can keep their creation at the end of the birthday. At My Little Day, we offer gourmet jewelery kits to make, donuts, pies or macaroons, everything is there for gourmet princesses. We also have masks, aprons and bags to personalize. Get yourself textile pencils, wool and tampons to create beautiful works of art.