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What color should you go for for your wedding ?

Weddings : the most beautiful day of your life, a dream finally becoming reality, but as soon as it comes to the organisation, it quickly becomes a panic ! Choosing a wedding venue, the dress, the theme, the color ! So many details to think about ! Fortunately, we're here to make the task easier, so for the color, it's quite simple, in general go for gold, silver or the color of the moment, rose gold ! The color will make your wedding as chic as possible and super modern at the same time ! We promise you won't regret it !

How do you do a gold wedding without it being too much ?

You're a fan of rose gold but you don't want a result that's too in your face ? We understand, but just adding little touches of rose gold is enough, for a subtle effect which will still be eyecatching to your guests ! Don't go crazy with rose gold, even if it's tempting to go for it with everything, but keep in mind : less is more !