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Is a pinata an essential accessory for a successful children's party ?

Pinatas are super cute and funny ! Very practical as they fulfill two functions : decorate the room where the party will take place and create the party atmosphere with a fun activity. So now you understand why they're so anticipated by kids ! You can fill them with all sorts of surprises: tattoos, figurines, sweets, mini-games, keyrings... To free the contents of the pinata, two options : the traditional method of whacking it with a bat (its hard to explain how much it sends our innocent little angels bonkers). The calmer method consists of pulling on strings underneath. Less reliable but, feel free to pierce holes around the strings to help it open ! In all cases, you can be sure that you'll laugh like crazy the whole time !

How do I choose my pinata for a birthday party ?

If you're preparing a themed birthday party for your child, adapt your choice of pinata to the theme. Unicorn, cloud, superhero, dinosaur... we have pinatas for all themes on the site ! Feel free to ask your child what they would like. Then just fill it with surprises ! Try to hang it up in a visible place in the party room so it can blow away your guests and give character to your decor. After having blown out the candles and eaten the cake, suggest the children break open the pinata ! And don't forget to take videos and photos as souvenirs !<