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How do you organise a creative colouring activity at a birthday party ?

Colouring will definitely be your secret weapon, for children's birthday parties ! Little monsters are often rather captivated by drawing, doodles, colouring posters and books that are too cute. So, you can give yourself a little rest before playing musical chairs but still watch them out of the corner of your eye to avoid naughtiness ! As well as a quiet activity, it's also easy to organise : colouring pencils, felt pens, some rubbers, and why not for the older ones, rulers and compasses to make roses. After this quiet time that has been good for everyone (especially for you), get everyone to wash their hands and move on to a game or the cake !

Pens, pencils and rubbers = perfect little gifts

You can already picture the children's faces in your head when they look in their bag to find a super cool pen ! We've noticed that lots of children have a big passion for pencils , felt pens, funny pens, everything you need to write and doodle with. But careful, you don't want pens that are too ordinary, you want funny ones : in the shape of animals, princesses, characters, or glitter. And of course, the more beautiful they are, the less they will write with them ! So you dont "break the bank"... Perfect to put inside a party bag at the end of a birthday party or directly inside a pinata.<