Why choose a colourful or patterened party theme ?

Because you're fans of red like Jessica Rabbit, a Barbie pink addict or you dream of a tropical party with a tropical pattern. Whatever it may be, a colour or pattern theme is always chic ! You have to admit, you can adapt them to dinner, picnic and family reunions rather than just birthday parties ! Why ? Because often you expect a fancy dress party on a film theme or sport theme or a certain era... The guests can be a bit disappointed. So a colourful or patterned theme is really taking a risk but at the same time, why be complicated when you can be simple about it ?! At My Little Day, we definitely agree with a 100% white party, terribly chic and not just for weddings ! For summer or winter, a dinner, a picnic, we love it ! #whiteisthenewblack.

What are the essentials of a colourful or patterned party ?

Because every occasion is a party, at My Little Day, we advise you to always go for complete fiesta decor: balloons (letters, numbers or colour), garlands made of whatever you like, and there you go, beautful table decor with original crockery, paper napkins... What's important is to stick to the colour or pattern so you don't make decor mistakes ! A good playlist, super friends, crazy decor, an appetising buffet... everything is there to have a good time !