How do you decorate an astounding table for a sit down dinner?

In two days, you're organising a festive dinner with you closest friends. You know that you can't serve beef bourguignon in a paper plate, but they would be perfect for a pretty starter. The idea is to to get rid of your porcelain dishes and your crystal glasses and instead, add more relaxed touches which will make you the perfect host! Mix colors and prints: dispose of your paper plates which you used for your starters, paper cups for water, colored paper napkins. Incidentally, expensive silverware is so out of fashion! Instead, opt for sparkly cutlery, or wooden cutlery for a more rustic effect, yet still effective! So, you get it, you mix traditional with the modern for a WOW reaction!

What are the necessities for a party table that will blow away your guests?

First of all, paper cups, cocktail glasses and other plastic cups as it's with drinks that the party gets crazy (with or without alcohol). Paper straws too to sip your cocktail with style! Place paper napkins and cutlery on the table. Pretty dishes for your little appetizers. Whatever suits your theme that you have chosen. Disco balls here and there for a disco party, tropical leaves for your jungle party table, more real than natural ones!