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How and where do you attach paper garlands ?

Paper garlands are the basics of basics of party decor. We have them in all styles : animals, fruits, flags, messages... for all occasions ! Inside, attach them to a wall or the ceiling, classic and effective. Outside, you have plenty of possibilities: between two trees, on a tree, on a barrier, under a marquee, loads of possibilities ! In general, you can attach them by tying a little knot (around a tree trunk for example) or fix it with some original transparent tape ! For a tropical night, fall for our pineapple garland or tropical paper leaf garland, a great result !

Want to create your own garland ?

Take a look at our blog, we give you our best advice to make your own original garlands ! Can you put up paper garlands for your wedding ? Yes, it's the ideal piece of decor for your wedding ! It works as well inside as it does outside. You can attach flag garlands under a marquee or to beams in the house, flower garlands to trees, message garlands above a champagne bar, tropical leaf garlands are ideal for a tropical themed wedding, rose gold garlands for a wedding with the same theme, and our favorite, fan garlands ! Plenty of possibilities ! And feel free to mix paper garlands with other styles of garlands like fairy lights !