An evening to organise, but where do you start?

Whatever the occasion that you're celebrating, getting started on the organisation and the decor can sometimes freak you out. Evidently, the pressure isn't the same for a fancy dress party as a wedding; however, they both need proper preparation. The most important, first make a list of plans of everything that needs to be done, a list of guests, and a list of necessary decor to buy (the winning trio being balloons - paper tableware - photo booth).

Do you want the trick for more original party decor ? 

If you're like us, to find party decor ideas, you find yourself straight on to Pinterest and Instagram. But Insta can sometimes be a bit like a black hole for decor, we scroll through and can sometimes come out terrorised. So the first thing to do is is to decide on your favourite party theme. With our super simple decor tutorials, you'll learn how to inflate a helium balloon, decorate a table, set up a corner for a photo booth, or even create a balloon arch ! With this good advice, and our selection of party decorations, soon your photos will be the ones we flip through on Insta !