Can you turn an activity for kids into one suitable for an adult's party?

Of course, it's advised. Destroy a pinata, play pin the tail on the donkey, do a sack race, do a photobooth... However, colouring isn't really suitable, so instead play Pictionnary, why not ! There are also activities dedicated to adults, like prosecco pong. Have a think yourself, that may give you ideas.

How do you introduce an activity at a party ?

It's a bit like announcing a speech at a wedding, it's not that clear. You want to do it before the party kicks off, before everyone is on the dance floor looking at their reflections in the disco balls. You should do it just after dinner, after everyone's spoken to each other and had a few glasses of wine ! The most simple thing would be to turn off the music and briefly explain the activity, everyone will be there to hear ! You shouldn't underestimate the power of a game or activity, it's always a good laugh ! Trust us, we've tested it ! There are a load of suggestions for activities suited for big ones and little ones on our blog.