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What are the must-have decorative pieces for a child's birthday party ?

Regarding decor, there are certain essential items not to be overlooked. We're talking balloons and garlands, they are the definition of a party and will immediately add fun and festivities to whatever environment. A well thought out wall decoration is impressive, whether it's metallic curtains, garlands, posters or balloon walls, all will help you create the party atmosphere. Add little decorations for detail. For example, you're having a jurassic style party, you'll need dinosaur figurines and a 3D t-rex structure. Toys and little accessories to immerse yourselves into the theme. Your kids will just love the party setting that you organised for them, it's guaranteed !

Which decorations ?

Decorations will make any child smile. Ask the birthday star some questions, what do they like to play with ? What's their favourite cartoon ? According to their response, or to what you have decided for them, you'll be able to figure out the theme ! It could be pirates and mermaids, or a bit broader like summertime. The hardest part is done, now that you have made the choice it is time to buy some essentials. Balloons, wall decorations, little decorative objects like a snow globe, a terrarium… If you are an artsy person, you could make them yourself, and we have a great range of articles to inspire you over on our blog.